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Note: Only one artwork entry per individual is permitted.

You must create a new registration, even if you have participated in the past.  All previous registrations are removed at the end of the contest year.

Rules for 2023 – 26th Annual Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards.

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Instructions for using your dashboard:

When do I register?  First complete your artwork. Then register online when you are ready to upload or mail artwork to Peace Pals International.

How to receive your Registration Number? Once you register, you will be brought to your personal account dashboard where you can make changes, upload artwork and receive your certificate.  You will also receive an email for your records.

Deadline to submit artwork:  31 of August, 2023

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Parental Consent for youth under the age of 18

I have received permission from the parents of my students to submit artwork on their behalf to the Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards.

Permission for Use
I understand that once submitted, my artwork becomes property of Peace Pals International, a program of May Peace Prevail On Earth International (MPPOEINTL). I give permission to MPPOEINTL to exhibit, reproduce, copy and print my artwork for the purpose of promoting and fundraising for Peace Pals International. Promotional gift items may be created from the original artwork which will be offered at