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[:en]Allanton World Peace Sanctuary visits Troqueer Primary School – Dumfries, Scotland[:]


Glenda Thronton
Allanton World Peace Sanctuary

This is the second time that I have visited Troqueer Primary School in Dumfries. During the first visit, I was with Primary 7 class for about 2 hours and explained to them about Allanton Peace Sanctuary and the work of the World Peace Prayer Society. The children started off at a distance from me, but, as I was talking to them, they moved their chairs closer and closer, it was lovely! One little boy said to me afterwards that no-one had every spoken to him like this before, and they all thanked me. They asked many questions and said that they would like me to go back again to visit them.

A few months later, I was asked to go and speak to the whole school in Assembly. As well as talking about who we are and the Peace Poles, I based my talk on the importance of our thoughts, words and actions and how they can affect the way that we feel. I talked quite a bit about different ways of behaving also and how this made us feel. They all really listened. I was being ‘hosted’ by Primary 7, who I had visited previously, and they really looked after me. After the Assembly, we had a little meeting with them and they then told me about their ideas to do some fundraising for the Allanton Peace Sanctuary – and talked about their ideas with the flags. I wasn’t sure if they would actually do this – but they did! How lovely!

This gives one real hope for the future of humanity!

Most recently we received a letter from Troqueer Primary School about a recent fundraiser they held. Please click here to read the letter from Troqueer Primary School.

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