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[:en]Internationaler Kindertag Berlin Park Friedrichshain paints for our 2017 Art Competition[:]


June 1, 2017

The Berlin «Peace Bell Society“, a wonderful WPPS partner for years now, applied for official funds this year from Berlin`s town quarter council to organize a wonderful International Children Day on June 1st focussed on «LOVE TO NATURE – LOVING THE EARTH» AS PER THE PEACE PALS ART COMPETiTION 2017.

I enclosed their application to the Berlin Authorities as our art competition is featured there. The Peace Bell Society  did get funds! 

The Children Day each June 1st was a big thing in East Germany, in West Germany it is hardly known! The program this year was to pick up refugee children living in  Berlin Marzahn, drive them to the Volkpark`s Peace Bell where they shall paint for WPPS and have a peace fun day there.

If you watch the children`s RELAXED faces you know how their day was! They were allowed to ring the peace bell made of former weapons.

copyright – Friedensglockengesellschaft Berlin
copyright – Friedensglockengesellschaft Berlin